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Why Purchase Health Coverage from Blue Cross of California

In today's world, health coverage protects you and your family from the high financial exposure that may accompany even common accidents or illnesses.

A typical hospital stay (about four days and two follow-up visits) is now more than $21,000.  By using a provider in our vast Blue Cross Network of providers, your financial responsibility will be decreased.  Use this information to perform a health insurance comparison with another provider.

How You Save Money Using the Power of Blue

We have negotiated discounts for you when you use a provider from our vast network.  The Blue Cross network is among the largest in the state, consisting of more than 42,000 PPO physicians, 27,000 HMO physicians and 440 hospitals.

By using a network provider, you could save up to 30-40 percent on out-of-pocket expenses each time you or your family receives medical care.

If you do not use a network provider, you not only pay a higher amount of the negotiated fee, you are also responsible for charges over and above the negotiated fee.

That's why it pays to stay within the Blue Cross Network.

The following is an example of how discounts can work.  The example is based on the PPO $30 Copay Plan. Compare this Blue Cross of California health insurance comparison with your health care provider.

Billed Charges: $1,000 in physician's fees, not including an office visit or office visit copay

Blue Cross negotiated fee: $600 in-network, based on a typical 40% Blue Cross in-network physician's discount

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