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Lifelong Musicians Have Lesser Health Age-Related Problems in Hearing

Based on the study conducted by Canadian researchers, lifelong musicians have less age-related hearing problems compared to non-musicians. Previous studies have already revealed that trained musicians have the best auditory abilities than those who are non-musicians.

This study was conducted on both musicians and non-musicians who are 18 to 91 years old. The re0search was led by Baycrest's Rotman Research Institute in Toronto. It can be read online in the journal Psychology and Aging.

These researchers wanted to verify if lifelong musicians can still enjoy normal hearing even in the later years especially on the central auditory processing wh0ich is related in understanding speech. Hearing problems can be common for the elderly ones.

Oftentimes they can hardly understand any speech if there is background music present. This difficulty is commonly called by the scientists as the "cocktail party problem". This difficulty can be attributed to the ability to detect and distinguish acoustics from his surroundings.

According to Benjamin Rich Zendel who is from Baycrest's Rotman Research Institute and the lead researcher of the study, musicians have great hearing even when they get old due to the delay of t0he modifications in the central auditory processing.

This is a great advantage that can be enjoyed by musicians as they grow old compared to those who are non-musicians of the same age.

Zendel conducted this study together with assistant director of the Rotman Research Institute Dr. Claude Alain who is also a senior cognitive scientist. Growing old can be difficult especially if you have several illnesses.

It can mean more expenses for your medications and doctors fees. But having a health insurance plan which can cover your sickness can give you more comfort.

For information on obtaining a health insurance plan for you or a loved one, contact American Health Insurance at (800) 280-4110. We provide Nevada Insurance that is both affordable and comprehensive. Whatever your needs, we can match you with a plan that fits. We are an authorized independent agency representing Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Colorado & Nevada.


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