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The secret to choosing the right HMO or PPO individual health insurance coverage for you: knowing how to evaluate quotes.

Today, a broken leg can end up costing $7,500 to treat; childbirth can easily cost $10,000; and medical expenses for hip replacements can skyrocket up to $32,000.  So, it isn’t a question of if you need health insurance.

The real question is how to find affordable health insurance with the benefits you need – because you can’t afford not to have quality HMO / PPO individual health insurance coverage.

Step 1: Request two or more health insurance online quotes.

Soon you’ll know the secrets to choosing the right health insurance for you.

Step 2: After you’ve requested more than one health insurance online quote, discover which benefits to confirm.

First, choose the health insurance online quote you’ve received that offers the best benefits for the price.  Then, read this article to:
  • understand your quote for HMO / PPO individual health insurance coverage
  • discover how to make sure that important benefits are included in your quote and then
  • buy health insurance online with confidence

Here are some commonly asked questions – and their answers – that will help you in your quest to buy health insurance online.

1.   I want affordable health insurance, but I also want secure coverage.  Which benefits are a “must” in quality health insurance plans?  You want to make sure the following are covered in your health insurance online quote:
A. visits to your doctor’s office
B. specialist referral visits
C. hospital stays
D.  surgeon fees

Plus, your major medical coverage limit should be high enough to cover significant illness or injury.  Also look for HMO / PPO individual health insurance coverage that provides a 24-hour medical advice hotline, such as the Blue Cross of California health insurance MedCall service. Make sure all of the above is included in your health insurance online quote before you buy health insurance online.

Step 3: All of that is included in my health insurance online quote.  What other HMO / PPO individual health insurance coverage benefits are important?

Other great benefits include a prescription drug plan, vision care, and mental health benefits.  If applicable, also review the section of your insurance plan that discusses maternity and well baby care. With Blue Cross of California health insurance, members automatically belong to the Blue Cross Baby Connection program.

Because of the Blue Cross of California Baby Connection, mothers receive quality prenatal care, information on safe and healthy pregnancies; and the use of a toll-free hotline for questions while you’re pregnant – and even when you’re taking care of your newborn baby.

2.   Should I look for any other benefits after I get my health insurance online quote?

Quality affordable health insurance HMO / PPO individual health insurance coverage often includes preventative care benefits, as well as programs for chronic conditions such as diabetes and asthma. With Blue Cross of California health insurance, the program is called “Living Well With Chronic Conditions.”

Step 4: Now, relax. You’ve got your bases covered, so go ahead and buy health insurance online that contains the benefits you need and want.

Choose a quality health insurance plan from a company you know and trust, such as Blue Cross of California health insurance.  Then, go out and enjoy life, knowing you’re fully covered.

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