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Children Having the Health Symptoms of ADHD More Prone to Serious Injury

Injuries found to be fatal in children are shown to be more common among 11 year olds suffering from ADHD. A new study conducted at the University of Alabama at Birmingham shows that the risk of serious injuries are doubled in children who have ADHD and belong to this age group.

According to David Schwebel, Ph.D. director of the UAB Youth Safety Laboratory and the lead author of the study, "Children who have 90% ADHD symptoms are likely to get hurt more than those who have only 10% of the symptoms." He further revealed that boys are more likely to get injured than the girls. This research is published in Academic Pediatrics.

The research is based on the data from 4,745 children who are fifth graders from Los Angeles, Houston and Birmingham. Dr. Schwebel reveals that these children have no parents, teachers of adults watching them all the time. This is why they tend to make their own decisions.

Children who have ADHD symptoms are inattentive and impulsive. They failed to notice some things because their minds are constantly wandering. They are so hyperactive that is why they are always moving around and in doing so they constantly get into things.

The news source of this article is University of Alabama located at Birmingham (UAB). The0 research is conducted by David Schwebel, Ph.D., director of the UAB Youth Safety Laboratory.

In order to avoid injuries, children should be constantly supervised by an adult such as their parents or teachers. But there are times which injuries can't be prevented especially for those children who show symptoms of ADHD and are more likely to get hurt.

You must be ready when this happens. If you have a health insurance plan then there's no need to worry because your medical and hospital bills can be covered. But if you don't then you may end up spending your savings to pay for medical expenses.

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