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Users of Intrauterine Devices Have Lower Health Risks of Cervical Cancer

Studies have shown that women who are using the contraceptive intrauterine devices or IUDs are the ones who are lesser to obtain cervical cancer, although this cannot prevent the infection which can lead to the disease. This study is published in the journal Lancet Oncology.

Contraceptive intrauterine devices which are also known as coils have no effect on the risk of human papillomavirus infection. But the result of the study shows that coils can remarkably lower the risk of cervix cancer. According to the study, the development of squamous cell carcinoma can be reduced to 44 percent. It can also reduce the development of adenosquamous carcinoma to 54 percent.

The lowering of the risk of cervical cancer in women who uses contraceptive intrauterine devices or coils can be attributed to different factors. According to the researchers who made the study, there are two possible explanations for this, which are:

  • The process of removing and inserting these coils may have destroyed these pre-cancerous cells.
  • It produces inflammation which results to long term immune response and generally preventing the HPV from progressing.
  • Researchers who conducted the study based their result from analyzing the data of 10 cases of cervical cancer control studies which are done in eight countries and 16 HPV occurrence surveys from women in four continents.

The news source of this article is News Medical. For women who want to prevent cervical cancer, they can choose intrauterine devices or coils as their preferred contraceptives. Cervical cancer can be fatal if not treated quickly.

There are many preventive ways which can help women from acquiring cervical cancer. One of the most effective ways is to have vaccinations.

There are health insurance plans which can provide you coverage for various vaccinations. You can inquire this from your insurance agent or insurance broker.

This health news update comes from AmericanHealth911, specializing in several types of California Health Insurance. American Health Insurance is an independent authorized agency representing Anthem, a top rated carrier. If you would like to get an insurance quote in your state now, call us today at (800) 280-4110.


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