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California affordable health insurance: choose a California health insurance short term policy as your safety net during times of transition.

You live in California and you’re without health insurance, perhaps because you have:

  • recently graduated from college and have been dropped from your parents’ insurance plan,
  • become engaged and will shortly be put on a spouse’s affordable health insurance plan,
  • retired early and are waiting for Medicare coverage,
  • been honorably discharged from the military and are seeking civilian employment,
  • become employed part time without health insurance benefits,
  • lost your job or
  • have switched jobs and are waiting for your employer’s affordable health insurance plan to start.

In any of these cases, securing a California health insurance short term policy is the ideal solution for protection in case of illness or injury.  Read on to discover the answers to the most frequently asked questions about short term insurance.

1.   What is California short term health insurance?

A California health insurance short term policy is a non-renewable plan that, with Blue Cross of California, provides coverage for one to six months (30 to 185 days).  This plan covers you on an interim basis while you are seeking a long term health insurance plan or waiting for one to take effect.
2. What happens if my long term health insurance plan won’t kick in until a month or two after my short term plan would end?

It depends upon the plan that you’ve chosen. With Blue Cross California, you could reapply for California short term health insurance.

After you’ve taken out two short term insurance plans in a row, though, you’d need to wait six months before applying again.  At that point, you should talk to your health insurance agent about your options.
3. What are the advantages of California short term health insurance?

  • A California health insurance short term policy keeps you safely protected while you secure a long term health insurance plan
  • Each plan has different benefits. As just one example, with Blue Cross California, there are very affordable health insurance plans, with deductibles ranging from $250 to $2,000, including one that fits your needs and budget
  • Blue Cross California also allows you to choose the day of the month that your plan begins, providing you with flexibility
4. What is covered with California short term health insurance?

Usually, a California health insurance short term policy allows you to choose your doctors and specialists, although pre-certification may be required. Typically covered are:

  • Surgeries
  • Hospital visits
  • Emergency room services
  • Prescription medicines
  • Limited specialty services, including mental health care

Ask your health insurance agent for specifics.
5.   Which agent should I contact to buy this California affordable health insurance?

Select an agent who provides a top quality product, such as Blue Cross of California, and who offers fast, convenient customer service.  The service that you receive when seeking a quote is an important cue to the service that you’ll continue to receive.

Choose a quality California short term health insurance plan – your ticket to secure coverage – today.

Protect you and your loved ones today by applying for health insurance that closes the gap between long term health insurance plans, such as those offered by Blue Cross of California.

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